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Why Us

We believe that many organizations are not being adequately served by their technology vendors. While there are many companies that dispatch inexperienced junior-level engineers for a low cost there are few companies like Computec with experienced, certified system engineers who can confidently offer high quality network and technology solutions to our clients' efficiently.

We believe that our clients' time is important and with the right technical solutions, we give our clients the competitive edge to compete in the international environment, while allowing them to focus on their core business. Computec is a true technology partner linking technology to your strategic and financial objectives. We have done this by always providing highly qualified, experienced, and certified multilingual engineers, programmers, and project managers.

Engineering Services and Management Methodologies

Computec Engineering provides these services by following rigorous management methodologies to ensure that "best practices" are followed; to optimize customer and management satisfaction, to minimize risk and ensure the highest standards of quality are met. Computec's approach combines the best people with experience, training and certification, processes, tools and employees who like their job:

People with Experience

Computec’s Engineers have many years of experience and even our most junior engineers have 2-3 years of experience before we send them in the field to support clients. We believe our clients’ time is important and our business model is based on making sure that our engineers have the ability to quickly address the issues and make proper solutions.

Training and Certifications

Computec views its employees as it’s most valuable asset and we invest in our employees to keep them at the top of their fields. We believe that having a trained staff is important and we work hard to promote training so that our employees are motivated to continue doing so. Our engineers continually excel in their fields by taking advantage of Computec’s training incentive program, which includes an additional 10% of the their monthly salary for educational fees, bonuses on passing specified exams, and weekly study sessions. To keep our engineers at the top and to allow them to get to the top of their field, we many times fly our engineers overseas to get training directly at the hardware or software manufacturers’ head offices. We are proud of all the efforts that our employees have made and below are a few of their tremendous accomplishments:

  • 95% of Computec’s engineers have one or more Microsoft certifications.
  • 92% of Computec’s engineers have one or more Cisco certifications. Additionally, many of our engineers also hold advanced certifications in voice and networking technologies.
  • 100% of Computec’s engineers have achieved a technology certification including many from the following leading manufacturers and all Computec employees have at least one certification.


Computec combines industry best practices with our experience drawn from hundreds of projects globally. Our processes ensure the continuity and consistency of customer engagements across all elements of project delivery.


A project plan provides an overall strategy for each project. Computec’s management conducts regular progress reviews to ensure quality and resolve problems quickly.

Alumni Connections

Thanks to our dedication to training our employees, the few engineers to leave us in the last five years went on to serve as a CIO, Country Director and IT manager in well-known enterprises and we are proud that our peers valued our engineers’ talents and expertise with these top management positions.

Technical Expertise

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