Infrastructure and Network Design Experience


Computec's network engineers have extensive network experience including designing, planning, implementing, configuring and testing networks for some of the largest companies in the world's networks. Our team of highly certified engineers are certified in a wide range of network manufactures products. Some of the network engineering team's accomplishment are the following:

  • 92% of Computec's engineers have one or more Cisco certification with many having advanced certifications in voice and network security
  • 100% of Computec's sales team members have Cisco certifications.

We are proud of all the efforts that our employees have made and below are some of the network related companies that have recognized and have given official certification of excellence and competence to our employees: Cisco; CheckPoint; Stonesoft; Linux; Symantec; Citrix and many more

We strive to deepen our expertise and knowledge every day because we know that forever changing and complicated network issues affecting crucial business applications can occur at anytime. Computec's comprehensive network support takes various considerations into regard and helps protect your business by including application layers.

  • File servers
  • Internet gateway setup
  • Hub VPN construction
  • MPLS/BRI/T1/E1/Tie line circuit setup
  • Internet/WAN lines setup
  • Dynamic routing design

  • Module-type switch setup
  • QoS setup
  • VoIP gateway setup
  • Redundant power setup for hardware
  • Electric power usage control

WAN Optimization

Computec has been designing and building networks for many of our clients head quarters and branch offices' WAN for more than 20 years. While implementing these solutions we have used our extensive experience to optimize network latency issues which affects user file access and other application loads. People know that slow network connections affect users' work efficiency, but we have seen that they hesitant to upgrade their WAN because of the high running cost associated with WAN connection and lines fees. Computec has been helping our clients implement many cost saving solutions to improve WAN bandwidth performance without having to upgrade the WAN connection by using the latest technologies, such as data redundancy elimination, data caching, and server-side computing.

  • Cisco Wide Area Application Services (WAAS)
  • Riverbed Steelhead
  • Blue Coat ProxySG

  • Juniper Application Acceleration Platforms
  • Citrix XenApp
  • VMware ThinApp


Wireless LAN's flexibility is a true advantage in an office environment that discourages LAN cabling or requires mobile communication. Large-scale environments are starting to easily manage many access points thanks to wireless controllers. Computec has experience integrating wireless systems not only in offices, but also in exterior facility communication, wireless IP telephones, and companies that use wireless terminals. We will offer you a secure wireless communication systems using encryption and various authentication systems.

  • Autonomous access points
  • Centrally managed access points/controllers
  • External bridges/antennas

  • Wireless Internal routers
  • WPA2 / IEEE 802.1X certified
  • Wireless signal site surveys

Network Security

Network equipments such as firewalls, routers and switches not only provide data trafficking infrastructure, but also increase added value to network communication. Computec's engineers consider each maker's strength and weaknesses when making a recommendation, which allows our engineers to provide our customers with the best fit security solutions for that client's needs.

Damage caused by a security breach can be caused by a multitude of risks including illegal access, data leak, server attacks and network security breaches plus many more. Network security can only be fully assured by combining various products and services which is called "defense in depth" methodology. This methodology works when the breaching of one security measure does not provide a platform to facilitate subverting another. An engineer with excellent knowledge in up-to-date network security products, security updates, security patches and release plus an in-depth knowledge of various network methodologies is essential when properly organizing and managing an office network and IT systems. Computec has extensive experience in setting up many firewalls and IPS/IDS equipment plus we can spot errors and risk quickly and offer immediate assistance on preventing security risks.

  • Cisco ASA 5500 Series Firewall
  • Cisco Integrated Services Router
  • Cisco IPS 4200 Series Sensor
  • Cisco Secure Access Control System

  • Checkpoint UTM-1 Firewall
  • Juniper SSG Firewall
  • Fortinet ForgiGate Firewall

Remote Access

Remote access to internal resources is becoming a crucial business tool. Remote access is critical for most employees anytime they are not in the office as employees need quick and easy access to their corporate mail, calendars, data, database and various corporate provided applications. Also in recent years, remote working, telecommuting, e-commuting is viewed as a new employment method which many workers and companies are taking advantage that requires remote access capabilities. Providing security measures for remote access are becoming more important as the connection environment diversifies in the form of notebook PC, Kiosk PC, mobile phones and mobile cards, PDA terminals, and etc. Computec can offer you efficient and safe remote access methods by taking your needs into account.

  • IPSec VPN Client
  • SSL VPN Client
  • Web VPN
  • Citrix XenApp with Secure Gateway

  • VMware ThinApp
  • RSA Access Manager / SecurID
  • PKI certification

Data Center / DR Site Planning

Server management in office areas cannot guarantee fulltime operation due to building regulations. At times, such regulations prohibit offices from allowing cooling systems required to support each server. Data centers solve this issue by offering an environment that allows resource centralization. Furthermore, site recovery (DR sites) is being used more and more by companies that look to avoid business suspension. Such projects require a project manager that understands building management, server and network systems. Computec's engineers have the knowledge and expertise to fully assist on evaluating which Data Centers and DR sites are appropriate for your needs; planning and implementing the systems; and then managing and maintaining the sites after setup.

  • System needs confirmation
  • Data center specification confirmation
  • Internet/WAN cabling organization
  • Rack layout suggestion
  • Power usage/heat capacity estimation

  • Data backup method suggestion
  • DR project preparation and management
  • DR site selection
  • Depository site management
  • System management planning

Global Network Operations Center (NOC)

At Computec Engineering, Ltd., we understand the importance of your systems being up and running at all times. In today's world, even the slightest change in performance or a system outage is unacceptable and affects your business performance.

We support your business needs with:

  • Rapid Resolution –
  • We manage your technology 24/7/365 so you don't have to. We provide a single point of contact for each of your issues and work with you to resolve these issues quickly and efficiently.

  • Language Expertise –
  • Our highly trained bilingual engineers will answer your calls, assist with L1 and L2 troubleshooting and pinpoint and resolve your issues anytime of the day or night in native Japanese and English and log the entire process for future reference. Our engineers will work as the communication bridge between Japan and your overseas IT teams to ensure no wasted time and fast resolution for your issues.

  • Service and Support Accountability -
  • Our service level agreements provide 99.9% uptime and 99% of calls are answered in 60 seconds or less. Time spent waiting for an experienced technician is valuable time wasted. Using the latest reporting and monitoring tools our 24/7 NOC proactively monitors your systems to make sure that any incidents are reported and actioned immediately. For incidents requiring on-site support, we will dispatch engineers as needed. Our engineers are the communication bridge between Japan and your overseas IT teams to ensure a follow-the-sun approach and fast resolution for all issues.

  • Technical Excellence in the following areas -
  • Desktop and Network Troubleshooting
    Active and Remote Network and Server Monitoring
    Dispatch Engineer for On-site Assistance
    Event Monitoring and Management and Incident Management
    Change/Performance Management and Integration Services
    Provisioning Support

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