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IT Relocation Services

Computec Engineering sets the standard for Technology Project Management, System Integration and comprehensive IT Services in multi-lingual environments.

Computec has been a leader in Technology Project Management for more than 19 years in Asia and we have the experience and capacity to do multi-country roll outs and relocation projects and our IT. Our team of Technology Project Managers have worked on over 500 projects and have worked on projects from small branch offices to state of the art Major Investment Bank trading floors; Telecom Carriers' 24/7 Global Monitoring Centers, Major data center projects and large factories.

Our experienced Technology Project Managers will take into account all aspects of the project and will work with the designers, internal and external IT group and users while ensuring that corporate standards are implemented and that "Best Practices" are followed to get the project done in time and on budget. One of Computec's biggest advantages is that our technology project managers are not just experienced Technology Project Managers but they also are very strong system and network engineers, so they can work directly with your IT teams on their own technical level while they manage the project.

Computec can also provide complete turn-key engineering solutions including technology project management using Computec's internal resources and subsidiaries. Most of the time we find a full turn-key solution is the most cost advantageous method for our clients as it reduces the redundancy of having a Project Manager managing a group of Engineering Team Leaders. As our Engineering Team Leaders are also Technology Project Managers, when we turn-key projects, our Engineering Team Leader/Technology Project Managers are completing and implementing tasks while they are performing project management which makes the project becomes more efficient and thus more cost advantageous to our clients, too.

Server Room Design

Computec Engineering can be counted on to professionally implement robust structured server room environments. Computec will interview your IT groups and make a needs assessment and recommendation using these questionnaires to make business continuous procedures and recommendations plus ensuring that corporate standards are implemented and that "Best Practices" are followed. Computec will also work with your internal IT groups to make sure these systems comply with internal IT requirements and make sure that they stay within Japanese fire and building regulations and codes.

After the IT requirements and needs have been addressed, an inventory will be taken of all equipment that will be used in the new server room space with space, electrical and heat specifications addressed. Other issues that will be addressed are below:

  • Layout and design
  • Rack assembly, mounting and populating
  • Power needs assessment
  • Back up power
  • Raised / Static free Flooring
  • Room security
  • Earthquake preparation systems
  • LAN Cabling - Structured systems
  • WAN requirements
  • Wireless Networks and security issues

  • Environmental control
  • Temperature control
  • Ventilation
  • Dust / Particulate filtering
  • Heat sensors
  • Warning sensors
  • Sound Proofing
  • Extinguishing systems
  • Camera and Monitoring systems

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