BT Japan Corporation

Mr. Robert Pauling - Head of Information Technologies

BT is one of the worlds leading providers of communication solutions and services operating in 170 countries around the world.

Computec Engineering and BT Japan have a long standing co-sourcing agreement. Computec is providing helpdesk support as well as back-end solutions and troubleshooting. Computec assists in handling all IT-related issues and cooperate not only with BT Japan employees but also with BT UK and other international branch offices.


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Celgene K.K.

Mr. Seiji Kawabe - Information Technology Senior Manager

Celgene is a multinational biopharmaceutical company.

Computec Engineering helped manage and implemented IT infrastructure and systems for Celgene K.K.'s office expansion project. Our bilingual engineering team completed the project in two months by seamlessly communicating with Celgene's overseas IT group, local IT group, local office facilities group and designers. Computec managed and installed all parts successfully to complete the project on time.


Q. How did Computec support your IT expansion project?

Mr. Seiji Kawabe From the end of 2009 to the beginning of 2010 we expanded our office due to an increase of staff.
We requested Computec to take care of our network appliances, cabling and configuration.
Because Computec has bilingual staff, they were able to efficiently communicate with our U.S. Head office.
Because of this I could save time and the project went smoothly and was completed successfully.

Q. Why Celgene chose Computec?

Mr. Seiji Kawabe Celgene has had a long-term working relationship with Computec.
Computec's bilingual engineers are pivotal when corresponding with our U.S. Head office.
There are many engineers and staff with high technical expertise at Computec and they are very helpful. Because of this, I can trust and rely on them.
The engineers are efficient and work promptly to get the job done and also have a quick response time when an issue arises. I believe these are some of the merits on why we chose Computec.

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Herbert Smith LLP

Mr. Jeff Ames - IT Manager

Herbert Smith LLP is a UK based international law firm with a large network of offices around Asia, Europe and the Middle East with over 1,300 lawyers and 13 offices around the world.

Computec Engineering assisted in designing Herbert Smith Japan's server room and setup all IT infrastructure for Herbert's new office. Computec also recently planned, managed and implemented the relocation of all of Herbert Smith IT equipment to Herbert Smith's new office and Computec did this quickly and efficiently without an issue.

Herbert Smith

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