Collaboration endpoint

Telepresence MX series

Features and Benefits

Powerful cameras

Choose from a 1080p60, 20x, total zoom single camera or an optional, intelligent, dual-camera, speaker-tracking solution. The MX800 dual-screen version is offered with dual cameras only.

Superior video and audio experience

Whether you’re connecting teams worldwide, or running local meetings with a focus on content, these systems are ideal for team-based collaboration, boardrooms, meeting rooms, and video-centric rooms.

Single and dual-screen options

The MX800 dual offers two 70-inch LED screens, which make it easier to engage people in a video conference and focus on content. The MX800 is also available with a single 70-inch screen. The MX700 comes standard with two 55-inch screens.


This feature automatically detects and tracks presenters, following them as they stand up and move about at the front of the room.


IP phones

Models: Find IP phones to match your needs

8800 Series IP Phones

Reduce cost with cost saving HD Video phone for your organization. High quality audio provides High-fidelity VoIP. Enable employees more flexibility with corporate telephony on mobile devices. With straightforward deployment. On premises, cloud or, deployed as a multiplatform form with select third-party solutions.

6900 Series IP Phones

Provides a cost-effective, simple VoIP call experience for day to day settings such as lobbies, guest, rooms, elevators, and conference centers. The phones are environmentally friendly and engineered to have low power consumption.

7800 Series IP Phones

Get practical, fully featured VoIP with wideband audio and improved sound for desktops, conference rooms, and meeting areas. Take advantage of flexible deployment options including on premises, cloud or, deployed as a multiplatform form with select third-party solutions.

3900 Series SIP Phones

A cost-effective option with basic VoIP, single-line IP phones for occasional-to-light voice use, such as in common areas. Integrated 10/100 Ethernet switch supports a co-located PC.

Cisco Webex Share

Easy to use

When plugged into any display, the Webex Share device, shows you the calendar schedule for the day, and invites you to share content to the screen.

Simple sharing in Webex meetings

With the Webex Share you no longer need to use cables or dongles or adjust audio/video settings before sharing content to a screen. When paired to the device with your Webex Meetings or Webex Teams app, you can share content wirelessly with a single click.

With Webex share you no longer neer any cable or connect any dongle your device, neither do you have to adjust audio or video setting before sharing content to a screen. The device when paired can share content wirelessly with a single click.

Integrates seamlessly with your workflow

The Webex share is designed with you situation in mind. You have control to share only a specific application only, enabling you to present and multitask without interruption to your work.

Enable remote team members

Collaborate with your whole team with no compromises enhancing productivity. The Webex Share allows any member to share content, regardless of whether the team member is physically present at the meeting or joining from a remote location.

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