Technical Expertise

Technical Expertise and Competence

Computec's highly-trained, experienced and certified specialists understand technology, business, and industry issues so that we can recommend a total solution that fits all of these requirements. When our clients choose Computec, we provide a highly-qualified team of industry-certified technology experts who offer experienced advice with hands on experience.

Computec offers technical expertise and competence across such areas as:

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Multi-lingual Experience - Working with Top Global 500 companies daily

Computec Engineering's impressive range of clientele, coupled with our certified, technically advanced and experienced bilingual engineers, software engineers and cabling installation and management specialist, makes us a familiar with the needs of any company. As many of our clients are from Fortune 500 and World 500 companies our engineers get to see first hand state of the art systems and then our engineers get the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with our clients and their internal technology engineering teams to implement state of the art solutions for our clients. Our field engineers are working with clients in many industries, as a result our engineers get to experience first hand the latest "hot products" and the new trends plus the latest "best practices" that are clients are implementing or thinking about implementing. This expertise allows Computec's engineers to leverage our experiences when implementing new projects and new technologies.

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Training is a fundamental goal for Computec. We believe that having a trained staff is important and we work hard to promote training so that our employees are motivated to continue doing so. Besides training we also encourage our employees to get hands-on training with cutting edge equipment in our lab. We make sure that all of our staff has the opportunity to have real hands-on work with projects working with the largest companies in the world and using the latest and newest technologies available. We do this not only because it is important to our clients, but also because it is important for the company and for our staff's career. Most importantly however, we encourage training for the team member's personal satisfaction.

We are proud to say that 100% of our employees are certified in some particular industry discipline. Many have passed some of the highest and most demanding certifications in their field of interest. We take training very seriously at Computec and we do our best to support our staff to help them to study, to get certified and to get hands-on experience. Below are a few of the main parts of the Computec Training Program:

  • All employees get an education allowance which is equivalent to 10% of the employee's monthly salary. This can be used for purchasing study materials, to enroll in training courses including overseas training, and to purchase hardware and software for training purposes.
  • To keep our engineers certified with the newest technologies, we often send them abroad to the US, Europe, and Asia to be able to work with hardware manufacturers or software makers' development teams and engineers in order to get experience and gain competence with the latest technologies.
  • We have many in-house training and mentoring sessions which are done at our office plus we will bring in outside experts to assist too.
  • We offer one month bonuses for passing certain certifications as well as other monetary incentives.
  • Most importantly, we allocate time in our engineer's and staff's busy schedules to make sure that they have time to study and to use our lab during work hours.

We are proud of all the efforts that our employees have made and below are a few of their tremendous accomplishments:

  • 100% of Computec's employees are certified with at least one or more industry recognized certification.
  • 95% of Computec's engineers have one or more Microsoft certifications.
  • 92% of Computec's engineers have one or more Cisco certifications. Additional, many of our engineers also hold advanced certifications in voice and networking technologies.
  • 100% of Computec's sales team has at least one Cisco certifications.
  • 100% of Computec back office group, including accounting, office assistants, and secretaries have one or more Microsoft certifications

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We are proud of all the efforts that our employees have made and below are some of the companies that have recognized and have given official certification of excellence and competence to our employees:

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